In May I spent a week at the BIOMPORPH FORMS LANDART Workshop and Festival with my fellow students from FH Dortmund and New Bulgarian University (NBU). My university got invited by the NBU to host a festival to protect the threatened natural area of Coral beach. Our actions resulted in a lot of attraction just a few days before the european parliament elections, the social media accounts of the leading professor Prof. Dr. Boris Serginov got banned. This shows that Bulgaria -though being a meber of the european union – is still dealing with corruption inside the governmental structures.

While we were working on the preparations of the BIOMORPH FORMS Festival in Lozenets, I found a huge pile of wood at the very end of Coral Beach. Though it is not allowed to light a fire in this area, the people just do what they want. To point on that I left a comment with 5 more little wood piles and some prohibitions signs.

I am german, and we simply love our signs. Also we are usually more obedient when it comes to things that are forbidden. After the festival the fire got burned down by people living at the campside nearby.

Check my video LAW 6 ORDER!