Galaktotrophousa | Jork III

The Nursing Madonna, Virgo Lactans, or Madonna Lactans, is an iconography of the Madonna and Child in which the Virgin Mary is shown breastfeeding the infant Jesus. Within the last centuries, the picture got slowly banned from churches, due to the fact a breat could be seen.

Galaktotrophousa | Jork III is part of a working cycle that deals with blasphemy inside religions and the power of the female body.
The picture was created by experimenting with polaroid material.

Fine art print on photopaper on AluDiBond/Acrylic cover
2010, 40 x 50 cm

Limited to 20 pieces (18 left)

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Galaktotrophousa | Jork III
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Limited edition!
Galaktotrophousa | Jork III

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